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I'm Andrea Duclos, but more commonly known as Drea. I reside in South Florida with my tiny wonderful family, where we live as simply, naturally and as happily as possible. I've got a big love for simple pleasures, cooking, healthy-ish lifestyles, veganism, gardening, home and design---- and all things creative and aesthetically pleasing. If you've been reading this blog from the beginning, you know this has been quite a journey that we've have been on. I started this blog as a soon-to-be single mother and spent the first two years of Marlowe's life mostly raising her on my own. My life has changed a lot in that time, and through all the ups and downs, I can only look back and say: I don't regret a thing. While my story isn't perfect, it is my own, and it is real and honest. I hope you enjoy your time here while you take a peek into our little lives with big hopes and dreams.  

My grammar is not wonderful, but my cooking is.

I want to publish a cookbook. One day. 


Are you looking to reach me? Do you have a question? Want to drop in an give a quick "hello!"? Or  would you like to inquire about a media kit? You can very simply email me at: ohdeardrea@gmail.com or message me via twitter.

Everyday I feel blessed to be part of this community. Thank you so much for all the  kind words and positive thoughts you send my way. I do my best to respond to each email in a timely manner. As you can imagine, things are a bit hectic on this side of the screen, but I do my best to respond as quickly as possible! If you have a question, try scrolling down through the FAQ's first, you might find your answer! :) Thank you for sharing this space with me. This blog and community wouldn't be anything at all without you.

For press, advertising and partnership information, reviews, submissions, featured posts, giveaway inquiries, etc etc please email at ohdeardrea@gmail.com to receive a media kit. 



How did you get your blog to the point it is at? How did you make it grow?
I didn't do much. I started a blog. I joined topbabyblogs, new readers found me there. I wrote everyday. I shared my story and I was honest. I guess people liked that, cause it kinda just took off... even with my terrible grammar (sorry grammar freaks, I know I must drive you mad).

Where did you get your sunhat?
I got it on vacation, but you can order one here.

Your high-waisted shorts, where can I get a pair?
Here. I have 4 pairs. As you can clearly see, I wear them everyday. Because they are amazing, and because I live in eternal summer.

Is that Alex (Marlowe's father)? Are you two back together?
Yes it is and yes we are. It's been a long time coming and both of us are incredibly happy in our decision. You can see us tie the knot HERE.

Is Alex vegan? If 'no', how does that work for your relationship?
No, he's not. He loves all things pork. It works perfectly fine for us. We cook vegan with vegetarian options at home. And we're the weirdos at a restaurant where one person orders the vegan menu and the other person orders a whole duck. He accepts my dietary choices and I accept his. For as long as he (or anyone) cares about food, the quality of it, appreciates it, and avoids fast or overly processed food, then it's a-okay with me.

Will Marlowe be vegan?
Yes. (For now). Parenting is often times a trial and run process. I wrote more about my vegan plans with Marlowe: HERE. Basically, she will be vegan until she is old enough to understand where dairy, eggs, and meat come from, then she can decide. If she chooses to eat dairy and meat, it's completely fine with me, but it will be cage-free, hormone-free, and as local as possible.

Why are you vegan? 
I answered that: HERE

How did you become vegan? How can I make the transition? 
I wrote about becoming vegan: HERE. There are a lot of ways to become vegan, not one way will work for everyone. Sometimes it takes a few tries, but once you make the switch, your body will feel better than ever.

How do you feel about eggs? 
I'm down with the free-range, farm (or home) fresh eggs. Do I eat them? Err no. But if I had my own chickens, I might. Or maybe Marlowe might. Unfortunately, owning chickens isn't allowed in West Palm Beach. Or maybe during travel to other countries, we might--- depending on a variety of factors. America's chicken and egg farming situation? I don't like it.

You say "butter" and "cream cheese" in some of your posts and recipes, I thought you were vegan?
When I say butter, I mean "earth balance". When I say cream cheese, I mean "tofutti".

What kind of bread do you use for your Things On Toast posts? 
A loaf of sourdough. Is there anything better than sourdough?

Do you have a recipe for your bread?
No, I don't sorry. I don't make my own bread. Alex is a bread baker. I'm very lucky, free bread for life! But I can recommend a few books with wonderful recipes to follow: My Bread, Tartine Bread, and Flour Water Salt Yeast :)

Will you post recipes again soon? 
I'm not sure. I'm torn--- I have a lot in my little recipe folder that sits in my head, but part of me thinks it's better to save them for the possible cookbook (for now at least).

Where did you get the curtain/tapestry hanging above your bed? 
I purchased it at a small nearby indian shop. They do not have an online shop. I've inquired a few times  if there would be any new shipments coming in, but they said most likely not. Apparently, they are very hard to come by.

Did you make Marlowe's highchair? What about the cushions? 
Yes! I made the cushions too! You can check out a how-to HERE.

Do you make still make custom mobiles
Yes, of course. You can find my etsy page HERE.

Do you take custom orders for other craft and felt projects? 
Absolutely, but again: only when there is time. Email me anytime.

What kind of camera do you use? How do you edit your photos? 
Most of my photos are taken on my good ole' iPhone. Most of the others are taken on a hand-me-down older canon powershot. SOMETIMES I'll use my brother's borrowed camera. It's expensive and scary, so it doesn't come out a lot. Camera pictures are not edited and iPhone pictures are usually filtered through the VSCO or Afterlight app.

What is "Diet Water"? 
Diet Water originally started as a place to rant about ideas of food... and rave about the benefits of whole foods and healthy eating. It was also a place where I could share vegan recipes and all things vegan related. These posts with multiple sources and links took up a lot of time. Now it's mostly a miss mash of all things food related, with recipes scattered here and there.

Will you be making a cookbook? 
That's the plan. Hopefully. One day, one day.

What is the face-mask you are always wearing in your instagram pictures? 
You can see one of the face-masks I use on my vegan body-care post, but I also use a clay mask and this mask.

What kind of sunscreen do you use on Marlowe? 
Check out my body-care post for a long list of products we use :)

What kind of toothpaste do you use? 
Also on the body-care post.

Can we trade ads? 
No, I'm sorry, but I don't trade ads. This is a for-profit blog. I sell ads to aid in supporting my home and my sweet daughter.

*This is a for-profit blog. This blog allows me to pay bills and spend more time with my happy family. From time to time, there will be affiliate links on items I post about, where I make a tiny fee from sales purchased through those links, but this will not change or increase the cost of your purchase. On occasion, there will be a paid sponsored post, giveaway, or review, but my likes, ethics, and style will always be much more important than money, and will always come first. You will never see anything that isn't approved, highly recommended, or enjoyed by myself or my family on this blog.

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