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Happy Pictures

Hi guysssss. How are you? I just got out of the shower after a cloudy day at the beach. Things have been good and easy around here. Overall I feel okay, though my stomach--- and I guess my hormones(?) seem to be upside down. But I do feel pretty good, so I guess that doesn't matter too too much. I saw that some of you guys tried my saag recipe and liked it! That makes me so happy. I do love when you guys tag me in your cooking fun-- I like to see you guys enjoying the recipes I make. And its great when the kiddos are eating it too :) 

I think I'm going to answer a few emails and take a few minutes to read (I've been reading and enjoying THIS book this week). I need to find the homeschool book I bought to finish reading that one soon. Sometimes I'm amazed by how much Marlowe can read-- and then other times, I'm like, "oh yeah duh. I could live in a book if allowed the time." I'm glad she has that love for reading (and learning) too. Alright enough talky--- here are some happy photos I've collected in the last bit of whatever amount of time. Happy pictures. I'll be posting a second recipe tomorrow :) Hope you guys had a great holiday weekend! 

a happy moment captured by Rebekah. 

face plants. 

afternoon light. 

flower paths. 

that sun spot must be cozy. 

a waiting ballerina. 

balloons leftover from our rental guests. 

I like your face too. 

light from another angle. 

homeschool days in pjs and crowns. 

I want that smoothie right now. 



  1. aaah, i needed this...pretty pictures.
    Thank you.

  2. These are happy pictures! I really love the rabbit picture in the first one. So pretty and colorful.

    ~Laurali Star


  3. Happy pictures make me smile, thank you Drea :)