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Come Meet Us And Discuss All Things Vegan, Parenting, And Happy Living (West Palm Beach)

Hi Friends!

Are you local?! Want to see something totally nerve wracking and scary? I mean... something fun and awesome? Haha. Marlowe and I will be downtown, at our local library discussing... well... A LOT! Vegan pregnancy, vegan baby and child raising, just all things plant-y and natural. You can ask us all the questions-- ask Marlowe what her favorite foods are, what recipes she really hates of mine, whatever, haha! And of course, you can ask me anything too!

If you've ever thought about going vegan or maybe raising a vegan kid-- but had concerns, well, lets discuss! M and I are happy to show you how easy it really can be :)

We'll also have a few books to sell and will be raffling away a TON of books too! Anddddd the event is totally kid friendly too--- we'll have a little play area set up in the back for your kiddos to play.

Just a huge disclaimer! I've never in my life done public speaking, sooooo be ready for voice shaking and awkward nervousness. I mean, let's be real here, my life is awkward nervousness-- but but ready to see that amplified first hand, haha.

So yeah! If you live around here and are free on Saturday, I'd love for you to join us :) 2pm in the Mandel Library on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach :)


ps. Happy birthday, dad! Love you! Call you later <3


  1. Ah would totally be there if I was in the same... city/ state/ country/ hemisphere! Good luck, I'm sure you guys will be great. x

  2. Please write all about it. I wish I lived in West Palm Beach.


  3. I'm in CA, otherwise I would be there, but I wish you good luck:) I know Marlowe does not need it lol

  4. I hope you'll keep notes and tell us (international readers) all about it :)