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What Marlowe Eats: Meal Ideas For Feeding A Plant-Based Kid

chickpeas and spinach, curried cabbage, millet. 

backyard eggs, potatoes hash, avocado. so we're eating less and less eggs, again. Poor Alex has been eating a ton since the ladies keep laying and M and I have been traveling. But Marlowe and I rarely eat eggs now. Our food schedule has changed a bit and I don't bother to make them when Alex isn't home. Whatever, we still love our chickens.

avocado toast, strawberry banana smoothie. 

acai bowl. 

that really yummy eggplant pasta dish. I could go for this now.  + kale chips. 

green pesto pasta + sundered tomatoes (in cookbook

leftover daal and rice from our fav. indian place. + avocado. 

miso soup. 

okay so most of this plate is mine. she ate, lettuce, carrots, and olives. 

packed lunch of hummus, avocado + carrots on a sandwich. side of popcorn. 

mac and cheese from a market stop, post dentist. I don't know why I bother though, she really only likes my mac and cheese. she ate about half of this. annoying, but also nice that she likes mine ;)


  1. I can't believe how big she's getting. She's losing her little girl face, I suppose that's a good thing. I've always had a problem with millet, every time I buy it moths seem to find their way in. Not even sealed containers can keep them out.


    1. Pop the millet (and any other grains/ flours you buy) in the freezer for 24 hours before putting it in your pantry!