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What Marlowe Eats - Meal Ideas For Feeding a Vegan Kid + Other Diet-y Things

How are you guys doing?! I am sleeeeepy, but good! I think it's the rain. Makes me want to curl up in bed with cocoa and a book. Or pizza and a book. Either/or. I think it's been a little while since I posted a What Marlowe Eats. Well, for a short while (about a week), she wasn't really eating anything! It was not fun. There was a stomach bug going around her school/a lot of schools south of us. She got it-- mildly. Me too, mildly. I'm not sure if its just her healthy gut or all the probiotics she takes (she drinks kombucha like its her job), but she didn't spend almost anytime in the bathroom or in bed-- she (we) mostly were just really queasy, bloated stomach, no appetite. Not your typical stomach bug symptoms, but I still get super nervous with stomach stuff now-- I always want to be sure there's no diarrhea and no chance of c. diff. (of course). I ended up getting her blood work checked JUST IN CASE, but she started feeling better before we even got back the results. The results were good, of course (thankfully). People always ask us (me) about iron levels and if we're concerned (you know, cause the vegan thing), but Marlowe's levels were muy bueno--- no where near anemic.  And my iron levels are always super good--- even with the c. diff disaster. I didn't take too much of a hit with my iron levels. My vitamin D levels, protein levels, and some other stuff took a big hit, but my iron stayed up. So yeah, you can be vegan and skip the iron supplements, as long as you pay attention to what you eating--- eating a well balanced diet :)

Marlowe has been more open to trying new foods lately-- which is great. For the most part she's alway been OKAY with it, but has preferred to stick with what she knew-- but now she's more open to at least tasting new things. I think partially because of how I've introduced them? Maybe?

I think one of my favorite things that she does in regards to food is that whenever I'm making curry (almost daily) she'll walk by or call from the other room, "mmm that smells good mama!"  or "mmmm cumin!" I LOVE that she loves a curry smell, haha :)

So speaking of Marlowe and eating and vegan things-- if you guys have any questions at all in regards to her diet/my diet/the whole vegan thing, feel free to ask! I'm actually putting together a question post thing from the questions I've collected via instagram :)

millet + veggies + cumin + black beans + cookbook reading. 

watermelon. one of her favorites. We don't buy it super often, since it's not usually easy to find organic at a reasonable price, but man, she's happy when we do :)

I had planned to do a post on school lunches-- but school is over now and I fell short. Here are two photos, haha. This one is for taco day at school--- they all made they're own tacos at school. Marlowe is the only vegan at her school-- and only one of two kids that bring they're own lunch. Everyone else eats the provided lunch. We packed her something super easy for taco day: black beans, guac, and brown rice.

A pretty typical school lunch for M would be a refried bean quesadillas for lunch and then two snacks. The snack is often whatever fruit we have on hand (usually banana or apples, but she got lucky this time with watermelon) and then stove top popcorn from home-- usually just seasoned with salt and nutritional yeast.

millet, black beans and veggies (carrots, cabbage, peas, + onions). side of kale chips (extra vinegar-y) + avocado. Sometimes Marlowe devours whole avocados sometimes she's like "meh, mom", but I try to give it to her at least everyday, preferably a few times a day to get as much healthy fat in her as possible to feed that growing brain.

avocado, black bean, and millet burritos-- a breakfast of choice lately. 

millet with carrots + cabbage, kale chips, + chickpea patties. If you haven't noticed, millet is a favorite of hers lately. Which I'm SUPER happy about since it's a much healthier rice alternative and packed in protein. She loves it, hooray! I even carded a huge bulk box of puffed millet cereal for myself-- and she loves that too, with or without milk. For whatever reason it doesn't seem to have much protein as regular millet, but its obviously much healthier than your standard cereal.

That eggplant and tomato pasta. favorite favorite. Maybe I'll make it for dinner tonight. 

veggie curry with cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, and leeks with loads of mustard seeds and turmeric. side of brown rice. I make a variation of this for myself almost every other day-- happy she loves it too. 

She wanted to make her own dessert with strawberries while Kaylyn and I made our peach icecream parfaits :)

lentil fritters + chana masala type dish (in cookbook) with loads of greens + carrots too. 

I made this pinto bean chili type thing with all those tiny yellow tomatoes from our garden + a side of brown rice + kale chips-- and sweet potato fries! She always hated sweet potatoes-- she has no embraced the baked fry version :)

fruit salad. loves herself a fruit salad. banana + apple + peach

Well friends, I'm off to make dinner-- either that eggplant pasta or maybe mashed potatoes and veggies (marlowe just asked for that). We'll see! I hope you guys have an amazing weekend! It's supposed to pour here all week-- but that hopefully means we'll have a productive week at home :) Happy friday! 


  1. I have a question - how DO you make sure you get enough macro and micronutrients in your and her diets? Could you possibly do an example menu (just a list) of what you or her would eat for every meal & snack in a day? Thanks! :)

  2. What a healthy little girl! She's going to grow to love food of all variations, good job mama!

  3. Im loving your cook book,so happy I finally bought it! )
    I would like to ask about if Marlow is taking any vitamin supplements ,B12 or so-or also You:)
    Thank you very much for everything Drea:-*

  4. Hi Drea! Did you notice that the millet puffs give the nutritional info per serving, and not per 100g? I thought it sounded strange that they didn't have the same amount of protein, so I checked it out and they do have the same. The puffs apparently have 12,5g per 100g :)

  5. Both my kids LOVE kale chips. My daughter asks for them all the time. I make them at home w/ salt & vinegar & sometimes garlic. It's a hit. I barely get any because they devour them so fast.

  6. Ahhh I think every parent reads this series with envy! We're mostly vegetarian (with the exception of a bit of fish every now and then)and I do sometimes wonder whether my kiddos are getting all the vitamins they need because although they're fairly good eaters it's still hard convincing them to eat all their veges. But then when I compare it to what other kids we know eat, I think we're doing pretty damn well! Do you ever soak or sprout your grains and legumes first? I don't know if it's something that's just really in at the moment or if I'm just slow to learn about this.
    By the way LOVE your cookbook, I use it all the time. xx

  7. It's funny, my daughter and I are vegan, and while I strive for a super balanced diet, I wouldn't say that I *worry* about it. She's so clearly thriving on plant foods, and I am too! My iron took a big hit after the birth of my son (not because of my diet, literally just bled too much. Sorry if that's gross!), and there's no mistaking anemia - it's miserable!