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Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

we went to a pottery place with laura. marlowe's came out great. mine looks like a 7 year old painted it. #soclose

green stuff.

smoothie mornings. thats her preferred breakfast spot.

dominos. marlowe is pretty good. 

this is my preferred zen out spot, until we spruce up the back ;) 

apparently her and I have a thing for zen-ing out in swing chairs?

flowers from my mama. she's the best. 

i just love everything she does.  also, we cleaned up these shelves the other day-- no one would notice the changes we made, but we think it looks a lot cleaner! this photo is pre-organizing, if you're wondering :) 

these are a few of my favorite things. favorite oatmeal, mango flowers!?! coconuts from neighbors yard, guava and limes from our yard and eggs from our ladies! <3<3<3

me and my friend. my weird, sticky, bubble-gummy friend. 

How was everyone's weekend?! Mine has been pretty good! I'm scrambling like crazy to try to get as much done as I can before our trip this week. It's been a hectic week- but in a good way. I'm doing an instagram takeover next weekend that I'm super excited about-- with a company that I've been using and obsessed with for six+ years! I love blogging for stuff like that-- I'm constantly being introduced to new companies I wouldn't have otherwise heard of--- that I get to fall in love with. But also, I get to work with companies that I've loved for so long. I'm super grateful for all of it. Seriously, it's one of my favorite parts-- besides meeting amazing people and lifelong friends!

Alright friends, I'm off to scramble some more-- I'm going to get ALL the things done, emails answered, and I need to prep a bunch of meals for Marlowe to eat while we're gone. Well, I don't have to do that-- but I like to do it! She enjoys it more and it makes it easier for family :) 

Have a wonderful week, friends! 


  1. Love your exotic home grown fruit. It was a crazy weekend of camping her (the littlest people), football (all three of them), torrential rain and mud. I am surrounded by washing gently drying and damp boots, seemingly dozens of them. I do love to restore order. CJ xx

  2. Marlowe is a little artist! Hope you get everything sorted out before your trip! Have fun.


  3. I love how in the last picture your potted plants are hanging. Where did you purchase these or how did you make them? :)

  4. Question: (Beyonce voice from independent women song) is your white shelving unit a built in one? I love!

  5. Question: (Beyonce voice from independent women song) is your white shelving unit a built in one? I love!