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Botanicals Lately

When Alex and I first met we used to head to the botanical garden near us in Miami (omg, look at this old post of the garden-- tiny mango marlowe!) Well, we used to go anywhere and everywhere green, really. But I think I've mentioned that--- all the farmers, markets, everywhere we could! We still try to do this often, but there's less options up here in West Palm Beach, thought that makes sense since we're a smaller city. This year we decided to take the plunge and buy a membership to the down south garden-- for the first time in maybe, 6 or 7 years?! Sure, we live an hour and a half away, but we just like the place so much that we figured we'd used it enough to justify it ;) We also have a membership to the smaller garden up (more tiny marlowe) here. We like both for their numerous plant sales mostly, but exploring on a beautiful (or pouring rain) day works just as well ;)

Anyway, I've been apparently collecting photos of the gardens for the past month or two and decided I would throw them all into one post. In no particular order either-- just a mish-mash of garden photos for you guys. Maybe its cold and dark where you are. Maybe its even snowing, but here's we're lush and green! Speaking of which-- I know I haven't shared much, but our own garden is starting to pick up again and we're excited! Here's some photos from some of our recent-ish garden adventures ;)

I love bananas. SO MUCH.

but seriously-- look at these freaking bananas! I'd try one just because of how they look! I mean, I'm sure I'd hate them still, but I'd try em!

the tiny garden lover. 

We were told not to pick up the butterflies--- that our butterflies would choose us--- so of course I ran into the garden screaming, "choose me!! choose me!" And magically was the first one chosen-- haha. Alex and I both had the same variety land on us. friendzzz.

(mines on my butt) // and a mirror check + butterfly dance to remove any new friends. 

honestly, I just thought it was adorable that he was standing like this-- so I came to take a picture. #penguin.

guacamole - guac-guac-amole.

on a rainy visit. we got wet. oh so very wet. After this I immediately decided it's time I invest in a raincoat.


nature is rad. Hailey is rad too.

I hugged one of these trees, but apparently not all trees need hugs. ouch.

also, I kill these guys, 99.9% of the time. 

hi friends... and bye friends <3<3

*pictures of me and me and alex are taken by ms. hailey. <-- if you haven't checked out her fair-trade shop yet, you totally should! so many goodies! 


  1. What fantastic places. I love gardens too, it's nice to see your tropical foliage though. Those stripey bananas are fantastic, I'd try one too, although also not a lover of bananas. CJ xx

  2. i love the fairchild. and i will miss it for sure. i hope you use your membership more than i did. i had one and swore i would use it all the time. and then there was never enough time. love you. merry christmas!