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Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

these photos of them snuggled together in our bed will always be my favorite. thumbs up for more days like this.

marlowe wanted to wear my cinta (from here)

painting things. I also realized this week that I haven't actually sat dow and painted something, other than large brush strokes in maybe 10+ years. 

tropical oatmeal bowl breakfast.

everyone wants to call my a hippie around here... but then it's alex who pulls out the copal to burn on a perfectly bug free day.

most loved dog in the world.

these are delicious.

mermaid hair. 

my mil gifted us a new to us- very, very old rug. obsessed, obviously. 

a blurry one, but a good one. sharing little cousins. 

hip hip hooray! 

nice socks ;) 

random dog looks good on beach, right?

hundreds of these guys. 


  1. That breakfast looks yummy, also Marlowe's hair is getting so long, its beautiful!

    Instagram: @favro

  2. how to use a cinta? I have one, but don't know how to wear it!

    1. It's actually worn wrong in the image above^^ but marlowe wouldn't let me wrap it the correct way. There's a lot of twisting and wrapping involved-- and about ten million ways to wear one. I need to get a longer one for my own hair--- since my hair is so thick. This one is only 72-76 inches long, but I need probably a 90 inch one to fit my hair/head.

  3. Lovely succulent cuttings, especially that pink one on the left, and I really like the shot of the copal on the table, with the hammock and the plant, what a pretty corner of your garden. The new rug is gorgeous, what fantastic colours. Wishing you all a good week. CJ xx

  4. talk to me about the pants you're wearing in the oatmeal picture. k thanks love you bye.

  5. love love these photos! so colorful and bring!

    xx nikki

  6. Your home, your family, your photography...all so beautiful, Drea. You are such an inspiring, creative person and I love reading your blogs! Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Samantha

  7. LOVE this Recently Enjoyed Things post! Your little lady is growing up so, so fast. She looks older in every photo I see! Also, loving that rug, too.

    Circus & Bloom

  8. I really enjoyed this post 😀
    Marlowe's hair is beautiful & so long!
    I'm also obsessed with the new/old rug & the colorful plant holder in your backyard!!!