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Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

this is what it looks like when I need to take photos of a recipe before we eat it.... haha. 

we've had too much fun making pot holders. remember these things?! I used to love these! 

I took pretty much an identical image forever ago, but I still love this. My friend Alana painted it :) 

pizza forever. 

and a juice cleanse too.... cause it's all about balance! ;) 

my office space cozy's up nice for guests! 

a hectic and adorable tea party. 

when Alex plops a cocktail on my desk at midnight... mmm. 

things on toast in the garden :) 

these ladies. 

family build your own toast morning dates. 

curled up.

love this nugget. 

and on that smiley note--- have a happy happy friday, friends! :) I'm having a second sparkle party tomorrow and cannot wait! Sparkles forever. Have an amazing and sparkly weekend ;) 


  1. she's such a doll face. and your guest room is amazing! I want to dive into that cozy bed.

  2. Gorgeous photos as always :) x


  3. I absolutely love every single one of your photos. It just makes me so jealous of your talent.. Whether it's your photo taking or home interior ideas. Such a beautiful family!


  4. Beautiful, beautiful photos! This is my favorite series. Marlowe is growing up quickly!

    Circus & Bloom

  5. Beautiful collection of photos, have a nice weekend!

  6. So... your guest room makes me swoon. Soo super cozy, Drea! Also, Marlowe is getting so bid. Make her stop!

  7. These are some of my favourite posts! They are so real, candid and authentic but at the same time - so perfect with the colours and composition.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    xx Kathryn

  8. Love the fresh look of that green cocktail. And the pizza of course. I hope you have a wonderful party and a great weekend. CJ xx

  9. wow, your guest room definitely transformed!!

  10. Your food always looks so enticing. Especially the pizza!
    I love the guest room. It looks very cozy & does pot holders are amazing!!!

    <3 Elizabeth

  11. all of your food always looks SO yummy!

    xx nikki

  12. I always leave your page craving pizza!