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Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

brunch is nice.

we babysat. it went well. trudy has always been a big fan of Alex. 

there are a lot of things going on in this picture, but really, the main thing to note is: EARS.

really dark mornings. I miss you, things on toast

not pictured: not planned, marlowe also chose to wear stripes this day. 

four amigos. 

my kid, the weirdo--- drinking straight cold brew. 

morning hair. also worth noting: alex and I bought these mugs the second time he proposed. I like them.

sunsets, I don't see enough of these.  

we decided to get crazy and have a pizza and card night. Well, really, every night is card night with this chick, but the pizza makes it feel more special. She beat me four times in a row. 

yum. pad thai. yum. 

hey look, it's my friend coffee again! 

this is her "can we please buy a mango?" face

butterflies, still her favorite


  1. Beautiful photos, as always! Your little pooch is too adorable...look at those floppy ears!!!
    Also, I love that Marlowe is just drinking straight up cold brew (my personal favorite). Definitely not your typical "Mom I want a hot chocolate" gal! Good for her!
    ~ Samantha

  2. Great couples think alike and dress in stripes alike!!


  3. <3 Pad Thai Recipe please :)

  4. What beautiful photos, a really lovely variety. I'm so in love with that doggie and his phenomenal ears. The butterflies are gorgeous, my favourite too, and I recognise one or two that we have here as well.

  5. that pad thai looks so delish!

  6. First off, your daughter makes my heart smile. She is so dang cuuttee! Also, the unplanned days where you match with other people make me giggle, hard. I love this post!


  7. I had a craving for pad thai, & it has now continued. I love Marlowe's face when she wants a mango. Haha.


  8. Those ears are adorable! So is your hair 😍

    P.S Marlowe gets prettier with age!

  9. Aw, those EARS! Gorgeousness. Love your blog!
    Naomi x

  10. marlow is just sooo cute i can't even handle it!

    xx nikki