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Essential Oil Essentials For Everyday On Casey Leigh

Hey guys! I've shared my story about Casey Wiegand a long time ago (you can here it here)---- she's still one of the sweetest people I know and well, I'm excited to be posting over on Casey's blog today!--- writing a little bit about how to use essential oils in your everyday life. There are so many oils out there--- and they do SO many different things! I mean, it can be rather intimidating, right? So I put together a simple and straightforward post that I hope and think will be quite helpful! No crazy potions and mixtures-- no magic tricks, just straight forward ways to use them to add to your daily life :) 

Check it out: HERE
Oh and you can find her amazing essential oils site HERE and where to buy them HERE

1 comment:

  1. Great post over on Casey Leigh, Drea! I'm burning my Burgamot as I type. :)