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Photos By Marlowe {Two}

Welp, Marlowe is still going around and snapping photos whenever she can--- so here we are again, with another picture post from Marlowe's point of view. You can see there first batch: HERE.

recipe buddy

a toy line up

that artistic angle! 

a lover of making "rainbow patterns"

lady lunching, recipe testing.

she draws pictures, then photographs them so I can send the picture to people. 

"a slide" with jerry the stuffed animal

jerry the dog.

"a rainy garden"

my half eaten noodles--- that she placed sunglasses and a toy cup next to.

Besides actually taking photos----Marlowe loves to occasionally set up photos. After carefully placing the glasses and cup where she wanted it to go, she asks me to take a photo for her--- and steps out of the way so the photo can be taken without her in it. I'm biased, but I think it's awesome. 

On more Marlowe related notes, I'm pretty certain this girls legs grew another two inches int he past month. She's an awesome kid. Only getting sweet, smarter, and funnier each passing day. Still occasionally shy, but still more outgoing that I ever was. She's a keeper.

Oh and in that top photo? We found that camera, never processed from our daily activity bags-- so of course I offered to let her snap a few photos. I wound it up for her, she snapped the photo, and looked at the back and asks "but where do I see the picture?" ;) 


  1. This is so awesome! You are doing a heck of a job with her. And I absolutely love her photos of the rainbow crayons and the "ladies lunching."

  2. but where do I see the picture? *so cute* we love you marlowe

  3. this is adorable. she's awesome. my two year old takes photos on my iphone but ... they're all of half of his face. #selfie ;)

  4. this is too cute. :) i love seeing how little kids see the world through a camera.

  5. Marlow is the sweetest. <3 I'm still forever enamored with her name.
    (I still try to look at the photos on the back of disposable cameras too!)

  6. I love how you celebrate her creativity and independence! Also I love her dress in that last photo. I've been looking for one, almost identical, for myself for months. :)

  7. Marlowe is only two? She seems so much older and mature!


    1. she's three. This is my number two photo post of hers ;)

  8. I love looking at pictures that our kids take too! Sometimes they come out so interesting and fun, these are adorable :)

  9. Awh, these are lovely photos! Keep encouraging her to take pictures.

    Dreamygamine.blogspot.com/ xo

  10. I guess from me taking so many pictures of food and stuff that my daughter does the same thing with setting things up for a picture, and then asks me to. She arranges her food or toys and then yells TAKE A PICTURE MOMMY!!!