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Lauren & JJ's Wedding!

As I mentioned on friday, this past week has been really refreshing. I've been super bogged down and kind of blah due to feeling a bit trapped--- too much work, too much rain. But last week was good to me. Alex and I both took four (!) very needed days off of work to spend with each other--- and friends too! 

As I also mentioned on here at some point and time---  Marlowe went to spend a few days in Disney World with my dad and long lost canada family. Sure M has been out a day here and there, but those kid-free days were always and only reserved for work and never play-- so it was really good to just have a day where we could just be care-free adults and have fun together. We probably won't have another day like this for a while-- not until we take a planned mini road trip in a few weeks--- but as this wedding day has shown us-- those days are worth the wait. 

caught being deviants (or something) 


After seven-ish years, this is still his favorite dress ;) 

We had a complete blast celebrating our friends last saturday. Admitedly, I've been the laziest photo taker lately and I have opted out of carrying a real camera all together-- which always seems like a smart idea until after---when I look at the photos and think "man, I wish I brought my real camera!" I oohed and aaaahed at the paintwork at the church--- it was freaking gorgeous-- I'm such a sucker for old architecture. I also day drank--- which is like, a never-ever for me. And I danced a lot--- but refused to raise my arms during "shout"--- which now, I'm not really sure why, because I did wear shorts under my dress (#nevernude). Alex wore his "wedding suit" and we snuck away to get falafel after the ceremony--- just like we did after our ceremony. We went to happy hour-- another never ever for me. And well, just had an overall great time. Oh, and I cried a lot. Like a little baby. I have one main goal every wedding I attend--- *do not cry*--- but yes, I always fail. I was fine for most of it, but then the father daughter dance? I looked over at JJ and saw him all emotional and BOOM tears. Father daughter dances in general make me cry-- I still want to have one of my own!-- but then to see JJ get emotional? Forget it, tears everywhere. Not just me either, ugly cries spanning the room. It was an amazing day. The perfect refresh to this summer. 

ps. Hope you guys don't mind, there's gone be an excessive amount of daily event photos this week :) 
pps: don't forget the 1,000$ jewelry giveaway. And incase you missed it, I posted a pretty awesome camera giveaway on instagram. #party

Also! Completely random: so, I in no way shape or form plan on becoming a beauty blog, but I do plan on posting a hair post soon, since so many of you have inquired about my (massive amount of) hair. Would you guys be interested in a hair tutorial or two? Like, that hair^ took me about one minute of actual work, no product, and you'll never believe what I wash my hair with these days. Maybe? Maybe.

Congratulations Lauren & JJ. I love you guys. (You owe me Debbie Deb. Thanks.) 


  1. I love the yellow dress you're wearing as well....really cool...just as the wedding itself! ;)


  2. Absolute YES to the hair post - mine is in desperate need of some TLC but I want to stick to vegan products (if any) and obviously what I've been doing really hasn't done much...

    It looks like you had such a great time! I love the dress you're wearing - so cute! - and you and Alex just look so happy together :) Those mason jar beverage holders are such a great idea! I might actually try to create some of those to have around my dorm in the fall...nothing screams "I'm not a suspicious beverage" to an RA more than drinks in mason jars...haha
    ~ Samantha

  3. Yes, I want to read more about your hair. Past, present, & future of your hair struggles and successes.

  4. Yes to a hair post. I recently cut almost all mine off and I am looking to grow it out healthy and full. (I have a ton of hair, too.)

  5. Your dress is gorgeous, as are you in it!

    What a great wedding....that last shot with the amazing venue & the pompoms captures it beautifully.

    And how can you NOT cry at weddings, I don't even attempt to not cry LOL!!

    Lovely post :)

  6. I was planning on asking you what you've been using lately!! I'm using baking soda and vinegar but I think it just needs something else. Hair posts would be great!

  7. weddings are the best :) you and alex look so happy, that yellow dress is a stunner - I can see why it's his fave!!

  8. Yeah for a kid-free, wedding fun day! I treasure those.
    I'd love to hear about your hair and hair-dos.

  9. was prepared to type "teach me how to wear makeup" way before getting to the bottom of your post. so yeah, a hair tutorial! and then- makeup. :)

  10. You look stunning in that dress & the red lip is great.

    I would love to see a hair tutorial. We have about the same length in hair, so it would work out perfectly! ;)

    - Christina www.cityloveee.blogspot.com

  11. Wow everyone looks so good! Especially you and your hair ;) I love the look of this casual and comfortable wedding... the best kind

  12. Yes, please! I also have a lot of hair and it usually ends up on a boring bun during the day :/ I love the braids you use to wear (I saw them on your wedding pics!) :)

  13. you look gorgeous! i can see why alex loves that dress!!



  14. I love your friend's cute little jellies and dress! Love the random highlight in your hair as well. :)

  15. you guys are so cute together. And that yellow dress is gorgeous!

  16. Seriously pretty pictures, they totally work even though they weren't taken with a "real" camera. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!