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A Bedroom Tour

a post card from his second ridiculous proposal and a photo from his (basically) one day Massachusetts surprise trip

cords! I hate you, but you are real. 

this basket never leaves my side. 
notebooks, planners, cameras. 

You probably can't tell by my crickets this morning, but I actually have a good amount of posts lined up for this week! I'm still playing catch up--- always playing catch up, but that's life. Here's a peek into our bedroom--- why haven't I shared it before? I have no idea. I'll be sharing more details of our space over the next few weeks, but for now, you can see some sneak peeks over on design sponge as well as some thoughts on our home and space. And catch up on our kitchen, guest/kids bathroom, or other tours, if you've missed them :) And if you're new here, HI! Welcome! Glad you're here, have a cookie or a mango ;) 

Also, the survey was and is awesome---- I really enjoyed hearing feed back from you guys! I'm going to talk a bit more about the survey later, but if you missed it, it's still open to take: HERE :) 

bedroom details:
valance: vintage, handmade from india. 
floral bedspread (three - four years ago) 
night tables, lamps &rug: home goods
basket under night table: thrifted
frames and mirrors: thrifted
jewelry: most are collected over time, and most are handmade. Some of my favorite online handmade shops: azadouhi, Lisa Leonard, 31 bits, & simplylivly, i create
dresser: thrifted 
chair: thrifted
owl wall hanging and woven wall hanging: thrifted
woven basket: thrifted
laundry baskets: homegoods
paint (wall and dresser): quiet home paints

photos: most by hannah mayo photography, I added a few more too ;) 


  1. I love the chest of drawers...really lovely piece of furniture


  2. I just found your blog through Design Sponge. Love it!

    - Christina www.cityloveee.blogspot.com

  3. Your bedroom space is lovely! I love bohemian/ vintage/ simple/ colorful. I was excited to see your space over on designsponge!

  4. You have such a lovely place!! CONGRATS!!

    Classy and Trendy

  5. I'll never get over how amazing your valance is!

  6. gorgeous space! you have such an eye for design!!



  7. Lovely, of course!

    Here's a question: do you use bleach to keep your white sheets white, or have you found some other non-toxic way?

  8. So lovely! Where is the rug from? Been looking for exactly that pattern.

  9. Such a wonderful calm space, with some beautiful treasures. You have such a knack for making a lovely home Drea.

  10. This is such a beautiful room, I love how much light there is

  11. Photograph the cords, we all appreciate the reality of them lol.


  12. Hello, I found your blog through DesignMom. What a great, relaxed, happy style you have throughout your home. The vibe is leaping through my computer! Great blog.