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Photos By Marlowe, A Three Year Old Photographer

So, I've been sharing marlowe's photos here and there--- but I figured I Should at least throw a good bunch of them in one place ;) I mean, I think most of these photos, especially the one in THIS post are pretty hilarious. I think and hope you guys might enjoy these too It's amusing to see the world through her sideways camera holding eye. And if you ask her, "do you want to be a photographer?" She's still says, "No, I want to be a fashion designer"---- I think she might be able to do both ;)

from our butterfly project

behind the scenes of an instagram sale ;)  

my new workspace! 

mosaics in progress. 


a veggie sandwich

rainbow watches.

blurry parents

and a collection of more.

Happy friday, friends! Cant wait to share new adventures with you :) 


  1. these are all so beautiful! already an artist <3

  2. I love this so much! Please do this regularly, she has such a great eye.

  3. This is too cute!! She's definitely got an eye for photography!

  4. hello,

    Can you please tell me where'd you get that watch? It's beautiful!


    1. is from dazzle---- a stock watch with an image of mine.

  5. I love her picture of Jerry, she has totally captured his essence. I've got a few taken by my five year old that I treasure. A child's perspective is a wonderful thing. I'm looking forward to hearing your about your new adventure. CJ xx

  6. hahaa I love when kiddies take photos! I do actually think doggy under the table is frame worthy!! Big well done to Marlowe! :)

  7. I love the first dogphoto and the blurry parents ;)

  8. I'm obsessed with these! The one of Jerry is my fave. I totally need to get Adoration a camera.
    Also, ya'll have done such an amazing job on your yard. Miracles back there, I tell you!

  9. What a little budding photographer! Love it. My favorites are "mosaics in progress" and "blurry parents"...totally instagram worthy material. :)

  10. She's artsy with her angles! :)

  11. wow! Did she really take all of those?? The one of your dog is fantastic :)

  12. Marlowe's photos are great :) I love giving my three year old niece my camera and seeing what she captures. It's neat to see things through their eyes.

  13. To see the World from a child's view is PERFECTION.

  14. first of all i love how much of your knees we get to see :) also the pic of her feet ….she is going to be a professional instagramer :)

  15. These are just so sweet, kids view of the world really interesting to see. Love the parents photo

  16. lol! how precious! My 6 year old asked for a camera for her birthday, so we'll be getting lots of random pics like this soon!