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Shop Small: Mischief Makers Apparel {Giveaway!}

You guys aren't sick of awesome shops and giveaways yet, are you? I hope not, I have a ton more giveaways coming up in the next two weeks or so too :) Share the happy and the awesome, right?
SO speaking of sharing the happy, little girls in tees and sweats make my heart flutter. You guys probably know M pretty well by now--- the girliest of girls when it comes to clothes--- pretty much a constant battle to get her in pants everyday, but these sweats? Three days straight! I was SO happy. They are SO soft and "just like mama's" and I couldn't stop complimenting her on how cool she looks--- because really, how cool does she look!? I love my kid all the time, I absolutely do, but if I had it my way, she'd wear sweats and tees a lot more--- maybe not all the time, but a whole lot more.
Mischief Makers Apparel is brand spanking new and has the more adorable assortment of little kids clothes---- girls and boys. I'm a huge fan of this shirt in particular--- and in general, I'd wear absolutely everything (if it came in my size). Like I mentioned yesterday, my computer pretty much took a crap on me on this week, which is kind of a bummer because I also was able to get some adorable photos of Marlowe in this grey sweatpants---- the ones "like mama's". Last week, you know when everyone had that (hopefully) last swoop of snow come in? We had a cold front and sweat pants (and tanks--- come on, it's not that cold here) were key.  If you're looking for adorable and comfortable non princess dress clothes for your kiddo, then I 100% recommend checking out mischief makers.

So, how about another GIVEAWAY? :) Find the giveaway button underneath the cut---

ALSO! Today is the last day to enter in a huge giveaway mischief makers is offering on instagram! Check it out HERE! Good luck everyone! I'll be back later to reveal that mosaic project up there ;) Happy monday evening! 

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