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Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

a colorful temporary solution to a very sad ripped up couch :(
my favorite yellow couch is soon to be re-upholstered or out the door. womp. Well, it was well worth the 50 bucks, I can say that for sure. 

She built a lego "camera", set up her animals for photos, and now has a place to take pictures. The imagination going on in this space is perfect. 

her friend. my friend.  

a coffee shop date. 

processing flowers for the weekend.

it's a -cycle of collecting piles of things, picking our most used shoes, sweaters, and bags, and sorting the rest to a proper location- kind of entry way. 
hanging colorful tote is from this shop. floral bag on bench is from tukula which supports Ugandan artisans. 

"take a picture of me, next to these pretty flowers" says cinderella. 

more creative messes. 

Another book to add to our favorites list! you may or may not have noticed we're vegan ;) we have a collection of books from Ruby Roth, but hands down, this one (V is for Vegan) is our favorite! Absolutely our style with a focus more on the positives of being kind to the earth and everything in it--- great for vegans and non vegans too :) 

We said goodbye to our tomato plants this week. It makes our space seem more empty, but we're looking forward to using that new again space. Those were some yummy tomatoes. Raised bed tutorial HERE

her artwork. a beach family portrait. our family plus this one

pillow talk, pattern overload. 

a photo by marlowe. 


  1. that last photo made me laugh so hard!

  2. Love Marlowe's photo, it's wonderful. And the one of the low sunlight streaming into your beautiful garden. Lovely. Hope you guys have a good weekend. CJ xx

  3. I love your picture round-up Drea. So sad that the famous couch will face a major life altering events. And Marlowe looks exactly like Alex while smiling (photo in a coffee shop) :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, guys! xx

  4. I've followed your blog for awhile and I've always admired your style. Sad to see that the couch may be on it's last legs!

  5. You have such a beautiful home! Did you make that piece of wood with the hooks? I was thinking about doing something like that for more hanging storage!

  6. But your couch looks lovely like that!

    The last photo is fantastic :)

  7. Marlowe really makes me want to have a girl. She is so clever and just adorable.
    By the way, I love the couch. I need something just like it so that our living room will pop. You have such an eye that I wish I could be lucky to have.
    Awesome photos though.

  8. beautiful pictures.
    smitten with that couch
    thanks for sharing

  9. all of these pics are so sweet and adorable!

  10. marlowe's room is so beautiful! she looks like such a sweet kid. :)
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  11. Love love love shoes by the front door. I think it looks great but also makes sense. At any time I have three pairs next to my door. Keep the shoes that I only occasionally wear in my closet but the ones I usually wear ready to go. I find it to be insanely annoying to put my shoes away and then out again every single day!

  12. I LOVE the "new" couch!! (And the lego camera is just about the cutest thing!!!!)