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New Blog Crush: I Want To Be A Fool

I am SO in love with this blog! (I want to be a fool) It feels like a life so so so different than mine---with a similar looking dog ;) but of a life that I want to see more about. I rarely ever post these sorts of things, you know, sharing links of other blogs, videos, and whatnot. I think I only ever have maybe a handful of times. I always swear to myself that I'm going to do weekly roundups (I really like them!) but I never, ever do them. Maybe one day I will. For now, I'll just drop in every three years with a link recommendation, haha. 

For now: Silvia Pogoda! I'm obsessed. With her blog, her photos, her videos, her art, all of it. She's also vegan! Which is in no way a requirement for me to love someone, I am married to a pork lover after all, but it's always interesting for me to find and learn more about vegan families across the world---- and in Poland? I want to know more. I love the contrast in the light and the dark. I like the moody whimsy of it all. I'm so in love with THIS post of raw, beautiful photos and words and feelings I can relate to.  And I'm in love with the idea of Silvia one day creating a children's book. I'm sure it will be stunning. 

Anyway, thats my thursday input for the week--- like, my color walls POST--- just wanted to brighten the week with a stunning blog belonging to an illustrator and photographer. It's no surprise that I love fun and interesting art :) I love all her art/prints. Amazing.

Find Silvia here:
tumblr (so much fun!) 
shop (I have some, I want more). 

Dear Silvia, can our dogs be friends? 


  1. Vegans are awesome! I am one myself :)

  2. I really want to move to the country, photos like that one of the picnic table really push the idea!


    1. tip: put a picnic table in your dining room, it *almost* does the trick ;)

  3. absolutely amazing recommendation! thank you so much:)xx

  4. I met some awesome Polish people in Germany last summer. Yay for this blog! I am going to read it!

    1. I think it'll be right up your alley ;)