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Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

morning light.
popsicles and a sweater (in the AC)
 a little gold makes a maca milkshake look fancy. 
 showing her doggy the fish (jerry the fish)
 When marlowe sets the table. for our leftovers meal
inside out cloth napkins c/o dot and army stealing my grapes. 
dress  c/o mason and the tambourine
 lunch with her friend and her dog. 
gifts from amazing friends.  good morning! 
hanging her own clothes is the new normal. 
good morning (2) 
going to the store to buy milk and apples. 
a mango-orange-florida-is-wonderful snack date.

ps. dot and army is having a sale 15% off all orders over 30$ on her newly opened big cartel shop. Use discount code "OCTOBERSALE" :) 

Happy new week, friends!


  1. (oops! my previous comment was from an old account...I don't know how to use google)

    Florida IS wonderful! I am a newish reader of your blog and have to say that I really enjoy your posts! As a Florida girl now living in Boston, it's nice to see such a vibrant slice of "home". Your family is lovely and your blog is absolutely delightful! And the elephant table is killing me - my grandma had the same one. rock on!

    1. thank you! And yes, that table was a great thrift find :)

  2. I love that she's hanging up her own clothes! Good girl! The fact that you're allowing her to do it is also wonderful. A lot of my students' parents automatically take those steps for their kids rather than letting them figure it out (or guiding them, rather than doing it for them).

    The Rambling Fangirl

    1. Ah yes! Sometimes it's actually rather frustrating since I'm such a control freak, but I look at it as a great lesson for both of us! She loves doing things herself and being a "big girl" and I'm learning to step back, be patient, and not let my ocd anxiety rocket ;)

  3. I just love your blog, (and I love all those rugs in that photo too! :)

  4. the lunch with her friend and her dog is my fave photo, it's so cute. All the photos are great though!

  5. I love all the light at your place!!!

    Envious greetings from rainy Germany,


  6. She is just adorable... and seems to be so happy in her life!
    Love from the beautiful Granada

  7. Where did you get Marlowe's little white and gold dress! It is just precious!

    1. there's a link under the photo, mason and the tambourine :)

  8. Where did you get Marlowe's beautiful gold and white dress? It is just precious! (Sorry if I posted twice!)

  9. i just love how colorful and light-filled your home and life is! as a born & raised florida girl turned new englander, it's nice to get these doses of florida living. xo

  10. LOVE that 2nd picture of M, she is just SO Beautiful!!!