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Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

 all day long, "pretty dresses" and "bathing-soups" & a pretty good play place, if you ask me. 
(bathing suit--- not 'soup', stella cove
 little girl, big wall. 
it will, guys.
 three handsome, eligible bachelors. The one on the left owns this space and this pool. He's good-looking, has GREAT taste, drinks good wine (and crappy beer), and has a home full of items I want to steal.... if you know any really amazing (single) women, let me know. (serious inquiries only please)
 tiny chickpea snacks. sautéed in nutritional yeast for her, spicy chana masala for me. 
 when friends bring out the play dough. (totally packing this for our next cross country plane ride)
 wedding photos (!!!!!) eeeeee (!!!!!) 
 easy lunch. black beans and mushrooms for her, chickpeas, mushrooms, and greens for me. avocado and bubble water to share.
(napkin: HERE
 she made a puppy friend (that knocked her over, but she didn't mind)

not napping.
 both of them on that hill.
 she's growing. 
dress: here
 spicy indian pizza nights (not on naan)
your day probably sucked, but you don't.
(cookie recipe HERE)


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  1. I love how your meals are so simple. I always find myself trying to make a meal with several sides and way to complicated. Beans, tortillas and some greens are enough.

    1. oh now, they are usually side dish upon side dish.... this was just our wicked lazy day :)

  2. My favorite is your little girl riding the tricycle in the living room! :) So cute!

  3. she looks like such a big kid on that bike! adorable.

  4. I'm single! And I think I'm nice...and looking for a relationship. The problem is, I live in England. But I'm not against emigrating :-) I'm beeetyj

  5. Oops! Hit publish by mistake! I'm beeetyj on instagram if he would like to see some of my life!

  6. All of your meals look so delicious! I love seeing what other people are able to whip up. It's always nice to find simple and nutritious recipes, too! I've been trying to cook more this summer and I have been trying out a few things here and there. My boyfriend is obsessed with pizza and I think we may have to give the spicy Indian pizza a go!

    The Rambling Fangirl

  7. I'm glad to see we're not the only ones with our trike still inside.... :)

  8. Love the photo of her daddy and her at the hill! Beautiful photos. :)

  9. I always enjoy looking at your photos--you have a great eye! Are they all taken with your phone? Have a great week! Xx

  10. Haha, Scarlett says Baby soups, too. awesome photos as always ;)

  11. What a lovely picture of father and daughter on the hill, and the trike inside, so cute! I live in SFL area too...where is this "mountain" ? I love reading your blog...so inspirational because I have a 2.5 year old girl, and you always have the best examples of what to do with a little girl in South Florida...

  12. Can you come decorate my house? Seriously. You have the best taste in, well, everything! :)