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Ohdeardrea Shop Sale

In case you missed my post on instagram, I'm hosting a little sale at the ohdeardreashop etsy to help with summer travel expenses :) First we're heading to California for Alex's family trip and then M and I will be heading to Massachusetts to see my family for a few days before heading off to New York for food, fun, and brooklyn babes and babies. We're all very much looking forward to a fun filled time away. Alex is in a big need of a vacation, I'm looking forward to spending some time together, and even Marlowe is beyond ready and obsessed--- she know's she'll finally be able to wear tights everyday in California and she's beyond excited to take a plane, car, train, and boat to see the statue of liberty (HER FAVORITE). 

Marlowe are I put together handmade packaging for some NEW animal garlands in the shop and I added some other goods as well. If you need some decorations for your home or gifts for some friends, it might just hit the spot :)

Receive an extra 30% off your total order at the ohdeardreashop by using discount code OHDEARSUMMER at checkout :) 

Happy wednesday!


  1. Such a lovely vacation project!
    And I love the sheep garland. :)

  2. I'm not pregnant yet, but I need that safari mobile in my life. Gotta talk to my husband asap. :) (he thinks he has a say-so in decorating.) Ha!

  3. Will check out your shop now!!

  4. I need to check out your shop! SOOOOOOO cute!

  5. Love, love, love! I just have to have one of those dream catchers for baby no. 2's room! Just out of interest, what's your fav boys name? I love the name marlowe and it just popped into my head today "hmmm, I wonder what Drea would name a baby boy!" Crazy I know, but I'm stuck for boys name and thought you might inspire xx

  6. Ha! I love that she is excited to wear tights! She will also be wearing a jacket and a scarf...I was going to warn you, its been quite cold here lately, even dipping into the 50's!