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A Love Story - Latonya Of Old, New, And The Wee One Too On Ohdeardrea

Four years together and I never get tired of telling the story of how Peter and I first met. I was 20 working at a store in Williamsburg Brooklyn. This store was the beez neez. It was home to a bunch of name brand consignment clothes and vintage too, and well I can go on and on about that. Peter was 24 and just happened to be working at the best pizza joint in Brooklyn (Drea will like that ;)) around the corner from my job.  I would go to that same pizza place for lunch a couple of times a week. There was this Italian boy there, and I usually spent most of my lunch hours flirting with him. After a couple of weeks of flirtations I was over him, so over him.  Very much the usual scenario for yours truly.  One day, after a tiny dating intermission I noticed a new set of bright blue eyes in said pizza shop (they had vegan pizza too you know!).
Accompanying those eyes was a large smile, tattoos, and the curliest and floppiest fro. I mean, he had me written all over him! Moving on.
 After a few pizza lunches, and I am guessing a few pounds later there was a shift in the air. One day a frequent shopper came into the store and was wearing a sweatshirt with the pizza shop’s logo. Over small conversation I asked her about the guy with the blue eyes and large smile. I didn’t know his name yet. I was just gaining crucial background information, ya know. I informed her not to say anything to him of my digging, and she swore to it. Swore to it!
 A few days later I returned to work after a mini vacation. My co-workers informed me that a nervous, tall, curly haired, blue-eyed guy came looking for me not one, but three different times! So, like the brave soul I was, I walked to the pizza shop for lunch once again. After ordering, and feeling totally let down by his nervousness, but more so of his lack of conversation, I slowly walked out of the pizza shop. As I was headed towards the door that same guy blurted out something magnificent with the shakiest voice, something that still gets me quite giddy. “Would you like to hang out tonight?!” I replied; “Yes, I’m out of work at 6”
 From that night on we’ve spent no more than four days apart.  Peter still gets nervous around me, and I still giddy around him. And well, I am guessing by the end of this you already know that my frequent shopper did spill the beans to that man of mine. I am so happy she did.

Thank you Drea for letting me share our story!

-Latonya of Old, New, And The Wee One Too


  1. Great story and hilarious photo accompanying it. x

  2. the sweetest and cutest story!

  3. My favorite story yet! So cute.

  4. I have only recently learned about Latonya and her charming family. Great guest post!

  5. This is the cutest! I love Latonya!

  6. Aaaawww definitely one of the sweetest love story I've read so far. "Peter still gets nervous around me, and I still giddy around him" so so so cute. :)

  7. It's a beautiful love story...

  8. cute story!


  9. love, love, love your story! Thanks for sharing Latonya!

  10. Latonya! i love this! it's such a sweet love story


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