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Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

always with him, always reading. 
midnight cocktails continue. 
We have two dinner scenarios in this home. This is one. The other is a shared meal at her "baby table". Either way, it's just the two of us. Typically with soup, but if not, always a one pot meal, and a tub of nutritional yeast, so she can sprinkle it on top. We enjoy it very much. 
Beyond excited to dive into this book. I've only skimmed through it so far, but gee it's so beautiful!
 Marlowe breakfast. 
 My dad came by to help with lawn. They found a snake. Both of them love to talk about snakes, and I love them both so much for it. 
 Making mother's day presents. (I just ruined this for the grandmas). 
 Little grump waking up from a nap. 
She still uses a (water filled) bottle for bedtime, but she is basically potty trained! She can get through an entire day, any and all activities, and whatever, with no accidents. But bedtime still requires a diaper or two. Good job, M!
 Messy hair. Shirt tucked in underwear. Wrist watch. Making me "presents". This is the life. 
 Sometimes you make mashed potatoes, pile roasted vegetables and chickpeas on top, and then pile on the mushroom gravy and it's not so bad. 
 My tiny little thing. Meet Trudy, my cuddly niece. 
 These two glowing in afternoon light. I love them so much. 
I walked into the bathroom to find Marlowe setting up her (not so) public toilet. Smartest and most ridiculous toddler I know. 

I feel like I haven't been around much. I mean, I've been posting daily, but this week was taken over by food food food. I'm not mad about it, I've actually been loving doing recipe-free food posts ;) But next week? Unless there's a things on toast scattered in the week, food posts are zero---unless you count brunchday. I can't help it, our home, our family, our love, it revolves around the kitchen and a meal together :) If you could care less about the food posts, sorry. If you love them, like always, they'll be scattered in :) Life has been really, really good around here, things are working out really well for the three of us. Lots of love, cuddles, and tickle fights all around. I just keep looking around at every part of my life and thinking "look how far we've come". 


  1. Shirt tucked into underwear. Priceless.

  2. love your home. found your blog through Bridget and have really enjoyed peeking in! great pictures!

  3. love the food posts and i love what marlowe is doing to the toilet. ha! so adorable and ridiculous :).

  4. Marlowe is the absolute cutest! love her laidback messy bun, so chic for one so tiny! :) Looks like you've had a wonderful week!


  5. she is such a beautiful little character :) love it.

  6. beautiful photos. i can smell the love :)


  7. Such a cute girl...
    LoVe your Photos !!!!!

    love your instagram ;)

  8. so lovely....i totally just ordered those sandals from target! you can never go wrong with a little glitter ;)

  9. Your girl is adorable! Congrats on her potty training achievement! :)

  10. "I just keep looking around at every part of my life and thinking "look how far we've come". " Love this (: Awesome (:

  11. Ohmygoodness with the toilet covering! She is the cutest!

  12. Ha ha ha the last pic must be the funniest thing I've seen in a while!!! M is so cute :) Btw, I was wondering what's a good brand of nutritional yeast? I bought a container a while ago at a health food store but it tasted very bitter.

    1. I'm wondering if maybe you bought brewers yeast and not nutritional yeast? It's not going to be bitter AT ALL. I usually just get the stuff out the bulk bins at health food stores :)

  13. I love all of it keep 'em coming! By the way you are such an amazing mummy.

  14. I enjoy the food posts a lot. I am in no way in any danger of ever being a vegan, but I am finding myself cutting a lot of stuff out and found a lot of really useful info in your archives on the topics for you, your pregnancy, and for raising a vegan child. I enjoy the other stuff, too, though, so it's all good, as some say. ;)

  15. I love all your photos and recipes! What kind of camera do you use?