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A {Vegan Friendly} South Florida Travel Guide :: EAT

Welp, here it is: a small (vegan friendly) food guide of places to eat in South Florida.... well, part of South Florida. Lots of Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade, but not much in between. But it works, because if you're staying on either end of that South Florida spectrum, it's only about an hour drive to the other end :) Not all of these are vegan restaurants, but all of them are perfectly suitable for vegans... and not just suitable, but some of my favorite, delicious spots. You'll find anything from fancier date night spots, to hole in the wall must eats. 

While I'm sure there are a few more vegan friendly places to check out, these are just some of my favorites that I thought deserved some recognition :) Many of these places emphasize fresh vegetables and some of my favorite-favorites are ones with a focus on local and seasonal menus.... I mean, why not, we're in south Florida.. the land year round farming! (Organic is always a plus too). This list will be updated as much as I can... because I'll be adding things on, as I find them or re-find them. If you're local or visit often and have any other recommendations that I might have missed or not heard of, I'd LOVE for you to share them :)

And on to the food.....

- WEST PALM BEACH ++area -

Joy Noodles
2200 S. Dixie Hwy, W. Palm Beach,  Florida 33401
Right around the corner from me: noodles! They have a few vegan options on the menu, but if you ask, they are always happy to vegan-ize, most other options. They'll make up a quick broth for just about any noodle soup :) We love noodles. 

201 E Ocean Ave Lantana, Florida 33462
The place has been all over this blog. Great owner/chef, great staff, great atmosphere, and of course: great pizza. (oh and beer too). Everything is local and fresh. The menu changes daily, depending on whats available. Some days there will be a fair share of (non-pizza) vegan friendly options, some days you're getting nothing. My go to: a rosa (cheese less pizza) with tons of garlic, and whatever extras are available. I usually choose one green and an onion of some sort. Kid friendly and non jerk friendly. 

327 5th St West Palm BeachFlorida 33401
One of my all time favorite hole in the walls. It's a little hidden gem my dad introduced me to. I get falafel to go maybe once every two weeks from here. There is one tiny table outside, so just plan on maybe grabbing food to go and picnic lunching downtown or at the beach. I want it now. 

4700 South Dixie Highway West Palm Beach, Florida 33405
Diner food. Busy weekend brunch, open late(ish) for drunk munchies. There's only one vegan option on this menu, but it's great when you're craving a homemade, not super processed veggie burger. Great beer. Sometimes a vegan dessert. Always: french fries (or tots, if you're into that).

7750 Okeechobee Blvd West Palm Beach, Florida 33411
There's a few decent indian places out west around here. This is maybe my favorite. Tons and tons of vegan options and a knowledgeable staff. The lunch buffet is great, also packed with vegan options. It's not super spicy.. which is good for little kids, but not great if you like a lot of a heat in your food. It is goooood. 

The Pelican (Friday Evenings)
610 Lake Ave Lake WorthFlorida 33460
Another little hidden gem. Not vegan-friendly diner by day, the most delicious indian food around on Friday nights. Tons of spice, heat, and delicious-ness. I do always pack a separate meal for Marlowe though, cause it's a bit too spicy for her. 

2905 Old Military Trail, West Palm Beach, Florida 33409
Vietnamese + Noodles. Need I say more? Super authentic and delicious. Has a veg menu. My new favorite vietnamese spot. 


  • 5750 SW 40th Street (Bird Road) South Miami, Florida 33155
One of my favorite hole in the walls. It's a tiny counter in the back of a health food store, hidden away in a plaza. The main chef is this Brazilian guy, Carlos. He cooks much of the food at home, brings it in, and serves it up with awesome juices, smoothies, soups, empanadas (!!!), and whatever else. It's def. a locals spot, where everyone knows each other. It's always crowded, expect a wait. All vegan.

Khong River House
1661 Meridian Avenue. Miami Beach Florida
Oh man. This is brand new, recommended by a friend, and now somewhere I'm waiting patiently to go back to. At first glance at the menu you think "well, maybe I can find a few vegan options", but when we went in, I asked for possible vegan recc's, and the waiter pulled out a pencil and started marking off all the options on the menu that were vegan and vegetarian. Amazing... and so delicious. Maybe not the most kid-friendly for dinner time, but so worth it. (Make reservations) 

927 Lincoln Road Miami Beach, Florida 33139
A little cafe, attached to a book store, on Lincoln Road. It's all walking traffic, and outdoors, so it's good for little kids. It's not my favorite place, but if you're on Lincoln, its a good place to stop and grab a bite. They have a whole separate vegan menu. 

3470 North Miami ave Miami, Florida 33127
Yum. Yum. Yum. Noodles, BBQ, beer, steamed buns--- it's all so good. Desserts look great too, but of course, I've never tried them. I don't think I've ever ordered anything I didn't like. Great for small groups of people or for two to sit at the bar. Open late, late night, so perfect for after a concert night, or night of dancing. So good.

Michaels Genuine
130 Northeast 40th Street Miami, Florida 33137
Perfect date night spot. Totally make reservations though. You're not going to find anything vegan friendly on this menu, but the main focus is all food seasonal, local, and fresh (hello south florida/homestead produce). I've called ahead and/or politely asked each time if they wouldn't mind whipping me up a vegan option. I tell them, I'll eat anything vegan, except bananas, and each time, they've made me something wonderful.

7010 Biscayne Blvd, Miami Florida 33138
All organic. North Miami-ish. Super delicious, and a few vegan friendly/veg friendly type options. Perfect spot to pop in and sit outside in the nicer weather.

Glaser Organic Market 
(Saturdays)3300 Grand Avenue Coconut Grove, FL 33133
I debated putting this in the DO or EAT section, but here it is. Please DO and EAT here. It's changed a lot since I've lived a mile from it (suuuuuper busy now), but its still wonderful. Not all raw and vegan anymore, you can def. find eggs on each paying counter, but that's even better for most people :)  Pick up lots of fruits and vegetables, check out the vendors, and eat from their raw prepared food table. It's one of the rare good food markets around here. If you leave without buying the raw cashew milkshake, you've made the biggest mistake of your life (YOUR WHOLE LIFE.)

3918 North Miami Avenue,  Miami Florida
A wonderful tiny pizza joint. Not the most vegan friendly... and I've totally cheated and eaten polenta fries (worth it)... but they do have a few small plate options. Also, I just order one of their more vegetable based pizzas, and ask for no cheese... and maybe some extra veggies. Unexpectedly kid friendly: they totally made Marlowe a mini pizza last time we were there. Too sweet :) 


431 Plaza Real • Mizner Park Boca Raton, Florida 33432
This place isn't as good as the first few times I went. Maybe they changed chefs or something, I don't know. And there isn't as many vegan options, as when it first opened. But if you sit inside, the atmosphere is good, and a nice break from the rest of Boca. 

1431 N. Federal Hwy., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33304
Debated adding this one. I don't really go here, I'm not really down with mock meats and fake food, but it is a decent all-vegan spot. Maybe a bit pricey for what it is, but it's all non-profit and the proceeds go to a ton of animal saving foundations, which alone is maybe a good reason to put it on the list, maybe? Good date spot for your vegan chik*n picatta loving date. 

++++Also, A PIZZA CHAIN:

Mellow Mushroom can be found up and down florida with vegan (and GF) pizza options. Not gourmet, but decent.


  1. Basically my favorite restaurant of ALL TIME (and I eat A LOT) is Taboo. Ok, so it's on fancy shmancy Worth Ave, and I've only been there for lunch, but the price for lunch isn't staggering, and I've been lucky to have a couple celebratory lunches there, and it's easy to get table that time of day, and the food is to DIE for. For the fish and dairy eaters, the smoked salmon personal pizza is FANTASTIC. Also for dairy eaters, they have delicious nachos. It's been a few years, but I'm pretty sure a vegan wouldn't be disappointed. If you feel like having a fancy shmancy day without a big price tag, I'd pick Taboo.

    1. I've never been or heard of! The only places I've eaten on the island are cucina, cha cha's, or the breakers (not worth it). Non of which I loved enough to add :) I will def. check out taboo! I'm excited :) Thanks!

  2. Ok first I'm now so hungry and want noodles for dinner. And second now I realllllllllly want to come out and visit. Damn those expensive flights.

  3. I live in Toronto, but next time I am in Florida I would love to try some of these restaurants. :) Great post and gorgeous photos btw.:)

    1. I was actually just looking at flights to Toronto (and montreal-- I have family there), they are more expensive than I thought! We're a long way from each other!

  4. Thanks for this post! I'm not a vegan, but it doesn't mean I'm opposed to vegan restaurants or healthy eating here in South Florida in general. Have you been to DaDa in Delray ever? I could SWEAR they had several vegan options but...that was years ago, and I honestly don't remember. Thanks for the tip on Pizza Fusion, too. Love Mellow Mushroom mostly because they offer gluten-free options now, and was looking for a review on Pizza Fusion since they offer gluten free as well.

    1. Most of the restaurants aren't vegan places :) I have been to dada's many times... for food, I only go because a friend invites me to join in their birthday celebration or something, but never because I want the food. I do/did however plan on adding eat to my DRINK guide! Eventhough they don't have great beer, the atmosphere is really great to grab a drink :)

      Pizza Fusion can be a bit over priced (though they do claim everything is organic), but it's decent pizza and like mellow mushroom, they have gluten free crust :)

  5. Awesome! I love this! The first thing I do when I book a trip is plan all the places I need to eat at. #veganproblems ? haha :) Thanks for doing this! If you ever come to San Diego I can dish the best vegan spots here!

  6. Wow this is a really useful and detailed post! You should start doing a tour guide book for vegans. People will definitely buy it :D

  7. I wish I would of known of these places when Matt & I went to West Palm Beach a few years back...NOM!

  8. Such great advice and recommendations, I'm a vegetarian so this will come in handy for me too if ever I go there on holidayxx

  9. So glad you posted this guide! My little lady is the same age as Marlowe and sometimes we draw blanks when going out to eat. And yes...Christopher's tacos...so yum!

    I actually wanted to reach out before because I'm opening a vegan shoppe/bakery in Plantation soon (they're building it out right now) and I'm looking forward to doing some advertising on the blog once we're officially open!

    We'll stay in contact! :-)

    1. That's awesome! I'm in Davie and I'm going to go back to being a vegetarian once I finish breastfeeding my daughter, so I'll definitely be stopping by. What's the name of it and where is it going to be?

  10. Thanks for taking the time to create this! I can't wait to explore on the weekends

  11. Taste of India is my favorite Indian spot! I just recently became vegetarian and this list of vegan options makes me feel better (I live in Palm Beach county too). So happy I stumbled upon your blog and now I have some ideas on how to feel my son some toddler friendly veg food! :)

  12. Cannot go wrong with noodles! Need more noodle restaurants! :D

    I do love Indian food. Will have to try The Pelican when I get back to Lake Worth. Hopefully I can swing by on a Friday.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Danny Riddell

  13. Can I add a few to your in-between list?

    If you ever find yourself in Broward on a Sunday, be sure to check out Josh's Organic Garden--all organic Farmer's Market on Hollywood Beach. It is located on Harrison Street right next to the Broadwalk--as far East as you can go before you hit the sand. In addition to the produce and dried fruit, there is a juice bar-little pricey but oh so good! Only open Sundays from about 9:30-5:30. Go early before the cilantro sells out!

    And if you find yourself on Hollywood Beach, there are a few good restaurants to check out: the Taco Beach Shack on Arizona St. and A1A - they have the most amazing mushroom tacos, not to mention sangria and such. If you are in the mood for Turkish food, check out Istambul near New York St. and the Broadwalk--they have a ton of vegan options. And my favorite sandwich place is Le Petit Prince on Johnson St. near the bandshell--they have great sandwiches and smoothies. You can park anywhere on Hollywood beach and walk to any of these places.

    Thank you for this post, by the way! I am always trying to add to my list of soflo vegan spots!

    1. amazing! I can't wait to try these out!

  14. Sara's Kosher Restaurant in Hollywood!

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. i'm REALLY surprised you didn't include Darbster!!! it's waterfront, all vegan dining on dixie across from world thrift. YOU HAVE TO GO!

    1. I went to darbster A LOT when pregnant, cause desire to cook is minimal when pregnant--- but I since then, I've gotten food poisoning twice from them, I've only ever had one server that was nice, the rest of the time I've had awful awful service--- also, I just don't like recommending people to go to a restaurant to eat frozen gardien, quadrupled in price. This seems like the snottiest, jerkiest response comment ever haha, I'm sorry!! I'm not trying to be an ass, I'm just not their biggest fan. I do LOVE world thrift though ;)

  17. Check out The New Vegan in Delray Beach. Super yummy and they have cooking classes. Inika Foods is a vegan caterer who has a stand at the Delray open air farmers market that starts on Halloween. Enjoy...

  18. Check out The New Vegan in Delray beach. Yummyyyy. Also the Delray open air farmers market starts again on Saturday! Inika Foods has a spot there, all vegan :)

  19. Hey Andrea! Long time I haven´t read your blog but here I am again :D I want to try all this places! also there is a vegan friendly restaurant that you have to try! Lemoni pizzeria 4600 Northeast 2nd Avenue Suite 10, Miami, FL 33137. They are very fresh and all the food is amazing. You should try it :)