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Apartment Therapy! {Smallest Coolest Home Contest}

Eeeeeep! While in Atlanta, Gina tweeted saying she was browsing through Apartment Therapy and found my home! I seriously could not have been more excited! Like many people, Apartment Therapy is one of my favorite home designs sites. I entered into their 'smallest coolest home' contest about two weeks ago and received an email saying I would get a confirmation (or something) letting me know if I made it into the contest... I never received anything. Needless to say, I got super giddy when I found out I was one of the few lucky ones to be selected!

Picture 1

If you guys wouldn't mind heading over to Apartment Therapy and voting for my home (if you think I deserve a vote) it would be very very very very very very (VERY) appreciated (seriously). Marlowe would totally appreciate it too. :)

Click HERE to view my entry page (and vote!)

Thanks guys! We'll have a bakesalery giveaway tomorrow and a huge Atlanta post coming up soon.
:) :)

eeeeep! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Marlowe and I obviously made it there and home safe! :)


  1. i voted! :) you're amazing!

  2. congrats! love your little place. i went on there, created an account and voted. and i voted on here too. :)

  3. you're living space is pretty darn amazing <3 very exciting lady! voted for you and marlowe of course.

    excited about the atlanta post and giveaway! I'm glad you had an amazing time.

  4. aw yay voted! I didn't realize your home was even smaller than ours! You make it look Fabulous! We live (two adults, and our 3 year old son and dog) in a roughly 900 sq feet house and it's been hard figuring out space for everything!

  5. Oh my god! That's so awesome! Congratulations!!

  6. yaaay! Congrats drea!! I just voted, I absolutely love your little home (and we have the same anthro quilt)! :)

  7. it goes without saying that i voted for you!

  8. I saw it this weekend and was so happy for you. I love your couch, Marlowe's room and the rest of the house too!!

  9. Wow. Very Cute! Love it! Love your couch too!