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Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

"even healing bodies" --- thank you, Brit. I love you so much.

happy to be home. gifted a welcome home lego set from Alex :) 

Alex's coffee and dragon fruit--- the very first one from our plant! 

drawing outer space.

happy to see these trees everywhere again. 

lunch time cooking. 

I do this every few days. it feels good. 

picking fruit.

miracle fruit + guava. yum yum yum. 

sunlight + pattern play. 

wedgie picking'--- they're a pain at any age.

happy to be back.

I hope you guys have a great weekend! Alex has this sunday off so I'm hoping I feel good enough for all of us to do something fun together--- since we wont have many other chances too anymore! Cross all fingers for me (us), k? :) Happy friday.

Blog Crush: Wayward Daisy (Should I Call This 'Woman Crush Wednesday'?)

This week has been off to a good start--- like expected, Marlowe had a great first day at school. When I went to pick her up she ran up and told me how much fun she had. It doesn't get better than that :) I have the most intense body aches again--- but I'm hoping they magically pass sooner rather than later-- so that Alex and I can enjoy more of this new time together.

But anyway, I read the most interesting book this summer--- and with it, I found the most beautiful blog! And now I'm completely obsessed with Scientology--- it's um, fascinating to say the least. ANYWAY, I don't want you to think this is a post about Scientology--- it's not (and I wont become a Scientologist)-- but instead, this post is actually about my new blog love: Wayward Daisy. You can read (the super short version of) Jenna's story in her about section.... but I can tell you more-- because I've already read her entire memoir--- and how she left scientology..... and then I googled the crap out of scientology immediately afterward and maybeeee her too (I'm creepy, sorry Jenna). But if you're interested in Scientology-- maybe you can just read her book, because really, her blog doesn't talk about it all that much--- or at least not in the time I discovered it.

But her blog is beautiful-- and full of light and color--- which I'm obviously partial too. And I think you guys might be too ;) And for me, it's interesting to look at after reading her entire story to see what life was like before and now after. And spoiler alert: she's really cool.

oh and she makes the cutest things! you can check out Jenna's small shop HERE.

and those are some cute blonde children!

and I've found the best book suggestions via her blog--- I have four in my amazon cart right now to get for myself and for miss Marlowe's upcoming birthday.

&& Some of my favorite recent posts if you want to check em' out:
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and maybe I'm biased.... because she totally linked my blog in this one (thank you, Jenna!) but:
cold brew coffee, paper flowers and orange peel scones

Okay guys! I'm off with a small to do list of things to accomplish (very small--- like, super super small) since I've overworked myself this week. I hope you guys are all having a great week. <3<3

(thank for linking my blog and helping me find you, jenna. and thanks for not being creeped out when I asked for more resources to learn more about scientology! <3<3)

Home Again + Health Update

So home has been good. Probably better than I expected it to be. If anything, I'm just a bit antsy. Perhaps it's the fact that I've been stuck in a bed for four or five months now-- but now, out of nowhere, my mind is racing the all the things I could and should do--- thankfully I'm having more energy to actually do all those things now too.

I had a few rough days after I got back here. A lot of my brain fog came back and hit me hard--- not only was it difficult on me physically, but also emotionally. But I just kept telling myself it would pass, just as it had before. I started a new probiotic (that I'm a bit nervous about--- I'm not sure why) and I felt really bad for two to three days (herxing/ die-off is jerk) but I pushed through and continued on---- and after the third day the fog cleared and I had more energy than I have had in months! It was amazing and something unexpected, in the best way. So now, I'm back to mostly functioning. I haven't driven in a while and I don't really care to--- at least on the highway. But I did make it the mile and a half to yoga and I plan to do it more locally and especially to pick up marlowe from school.

I still have days where it feels like my stomach is under attack and it makes me incredibly nauseous--- and where I look like I'm a good four to five months pregnant, but thats a new normal. My diet is still basically the same as before. I have (rather uncomfortably) added a tiny bit more lentils--- but thats about it. Other than that, my diet is still, well, very tight. And I still have days that I would describe as "ouch everything hurts"  especially the pain in my arms and upper body, but it isn't anywhere near as bad as it was in Massachusetts. It's been MUCH easier to handle. Overall I feel a lot more mended. Which I'm hesitant to say-- because it seems that every time I think I'm on the up, I fall back down, but at the end of the day I have no choice but to be a hopeless hopeful ;)

Another new thing? Well, I'm more allergic to dogs than before. I developed a dog allergy when I became pregnant, but it was never a huge issue--- I could keep a dog, I just couldn't hold a dog. But now, a few strokes of a dogs head and I'm unbearably itchy and irritated. I knew c. diff could and would (and has) leave me with some food allergies, but I didn't really expect to wake up with a sore throat and itchy eyes due to my dogs. I'm really not sure whats going to happen with that.

Marlowe is happy to be home. She's beyond excited for school (she's at her first day now!!) and she talks about planning her birthday everyday, even though its well over a month away. Life is really going to change now that she is going to school--- though I'm not sure how, but I know it will. For now, I'm not overthinking it, I'm just letting it happen and see where life takes us.

Alex is happy to have us home too. He was lonely and alone for a while there. I'm hoping to have a staycation or at least a few date nights now that I'm back. We had our first day date type day today after we dropped off marlowe at school and before he went to work. We've been working on a lot of house stuff since I've been back. Moving things, changing things, fixing up the things we already have--- it's just something we both seem to really enjoy. High fives all around when we find new shared loves like label makers ;)

The weather has been A LOT nicer than I thought it would be. I'm so thankful to not feel trapped inside! (Thank you florida). I'm hoping to find a good balanced routine between home things, work things, married time things, yoga time, and friends now that I'm back. Oh and celebrating my cookbook too! (Which definitely took the back burner in all of this.) You can buy it now for less than twenty bucks on amazon! Only two months till it's officially out and in my hands. whoa.

Thank you guys for your support in this process. It was really rough. Five months of sickness? Oof, no thanks. I definitely didn't expect that for 2015--- but I'm back to feeling mostly normal, or at least more like myself ;) and even though it's all far from perfect, I'm grateful to have it this good again. So thank you for being with me in the rough times and being here through the good. Your support is always very much appreciated.

Alright, I'm off for a 10-15 minute nap--- I was awake from 1 am to 4 am last night-- my sleep issues will never change ;) But now I have the freedom for a quick nap if needed-- and I'm going to take it! Happy monday and have a wonderful week, friends!

ps. that top photo? we bought a label maker. Best decision ever. Alex left me a note and I organized our entire spice cabinet ;) 

Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

I wanted a picture of the scarf. she wanted to join. not opposed. 

fort hangs, feet stretches. 

cutest lady.

she had a good summer spending time with her cousins very often. I am very grateful.

his vacation face.

my doctor visit hospital buddy. I couldn't ask for a better little partner. 

they can't get any cooler. 

tiny dancer. 
currently she's working on a dance routine that her and all her friends will do on her birthday.... her friends don't know it yet. 

all the pretty tiny things. 

off on walks a tiny (itty bitty) adventures. we found a tiny bunny. 

and these random pretty pavers. 

sometimes real life looks sexy like this. #imsohotrightnow #whyarewetwins

and off to florida we go! 

two pictures of recently enjoyed things in one week... I know. But I figured, hey, lets take care of some pretty snippets of Massachusetts life and move on to Florida--- instead of dragging it out for five billion years like my India photos (that I'm IN LOVE with). you know? I hope you guys all had a great week. I'm super happy to say I've had a super productive one. <3