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Happy 6th Birthday, Marlowe

Happy 6th birthday Marlowe.

You are a gem. Truly one of a kind. You are unlike any one I've ever met before. Different in all the best ways. Not one mean bone in your body. Only goodness in your soul. Dreams bigger than the ocean. And sweetness that explodes out of you with every word, smile, and action you make.

I thank the universe everyday to have such a powerful little being by my side. You've changed my life and my world. You've made me a better person just by being. I hope you always know how truly amazing you are.

I hope to forever travel with you by my side. I hope to help you learn, grow, and not only embrace, but use, every bit of that positive energy you have. To explore with you, adventure with you, to take in everything this world has to offer. I look forward to continuing to learn from you and with you, to grow from you and with you. The best gift. Thank you for being you.

I love you, booger. Forever and ever. More than pizza. You are everything.

photo by Celia D. Luna on our last trip to Guatemala

Market-ing + Cooking In Dijon, France

I don't want to write too much. I feel like this set of photos mostly speaks for itself. This is how we like to travel. I'm grateful to travel this way-- with one mission: explore and enjoy slowly. Visiting markets (or farms), picking out the best local produce, and enjoying quite mornings, afternoons, or evenings in our temporary space, with undeniably easy meals. Sunshine, figs, wine, and some the best things France had to offer. We liked all our time in Dijon, but the market and the meals made after were some of our favorite quiet moments.

Get Safe

You know whats terrible? Getting robbed. Or you know what, maybe I should ask, 'you know what's an eye opener?" Getting robbed. Getting robbed sucks, for sure, no one can deny that-- but I think whats worse than that is that feeling of security being taken away from you. And those questions that pop into your head later-- when you think and over think about possible scenarios. Like the question of: what would have happened if we were home? Would it have deterred the burglar? Or would we have been injured? Or worse? It's really scary. I had a friend experience a break in once when she was home. Like, I don't want to freak you guys out too much--- but he wasn't even trying to steal anything--- he was high on this super intense drug-- and broke in because he thought someone was trying to murder him. (there was no one after him). There had been recent cases of people being injured this way-- people high on the drugs attacking innocent people out of paranoia. Intense, right? I mean-- thats obviously an extreme situation and my friend is luckily more than okay-- but I cried listening to her 911 tape. It's just crazy to think that anything can happen at anytime. 

Of course we don't want to live in a world of paranoia ourselves. The reality is that things can and will happen. Good things, unfortunate things, crazy things--- and the best thing we can do is be as prepared as we can-- to relax the stress, the worry, the questions. 

We knew getting an alarm system was top on our list after we got robbed. We didn't have that much stolen-- we're lucky to not really keep a lot of (if almost any) "valuables" in our house. But we still wanted to do what we needed to do to keep our family extra safe. Our neighborhood is really super safe-- everyone surrounding us has owned their houses for 20+ years and were in shock with our break in. They had never seen that in the neighborhood. But hey-- it happens anywhere-- in the best of neighborhoods, the worst of ones, all of them. And it happened to ours-- to us. I don't live in fear everyday--- far from that-- but mostly because we know have piece of mind with an alarm system. Do you have one for your home? If not, have you considered getting one? GetSafe is awesome. 

There is no contract with GetSafe. And you get to install it yourself. This was a huge selling point for me. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's great to have someone come install something for you-- but for us, we quickly learned that we don't trust strangers coming in to install or fix things. After all-- our break in happened two days after we had three separate companies come in for minor home repairs and quotes. Was it one of the companies? We definitely don't know. But now we know that we'd rather let as little strangers as possible. 

Everything is SUPER easy with GetSafe. (Great packaging too-- I know I always say it, but I'm a sucker for good packaging design). Everything is laid out. The directions are minimal-- because the whole system is so simple. You have sensors for your door, window, motion detector, and it's even wireless--- connecting to an app on your phone for you to use ANYWHERE. 

Oh and you know what awesome? There's no big commitment if you're renting. You can just unmount the pieces and taking the whole kit with you! Easy peasy. 

You don't need some large kit or difficult process. A few batteries and things to plug in. An app to download and you're basically set to go. 

Hi little green light. Thanks for keeping me (and my family.... and my computer with all my photos) safe. 

Like I said. We've never had anything too valuable to lose. I have a bigger computer now. So there's always the risk for that I guess. But no fancy jewelry. No tv or entertainment system. We just have our safety and piece of mind to keep safe, mostly. 

And with a super easy install of the motion camera (an add on option) we can now be sure to watch over our house with GetSafe-- even when we're away. I mean, we mostly have family to do that (and watch the dogs and chickens)-- but the extra security that we can check in on is amazing. ps. Scroll below to get a free one! 

At the end of the day, peace of mind is what I want to protect the most. I just want to always be sure to keep our family safe. 

Interested in purchasing GetSafe for your home?! The first 50 readers who purchase the Starter Kit can use code "ODD2016" to get a FREE Motion Sensor Camera (a $129 value).

*Here's how: on the GetSafe site, add the Motion Detector Camera to your cart, click CHECKOUT, and then enter ODD2016 on the CHECKOUT page under the order summary.